We continue to advocate and promote our Métis harvesting rights to hunt, fish, and trap.

One important part of harvesting that we help our citizens with is becoming approved MNA Harvesters. This requires an application process. So far, we’ve sent hundreds of applications into the registry!

As an approved Harvester, you can hunt and fish in your approved MNA harvesting areas without having to go to a Fish and Wildlife office. There are two harvesting coordinators in Alberta and provincially Mr. Craig Letendre.

We’re also working to share traditional knowledge and skills as well as easy access to training, such as the non-restricted firearms training and licensing.

Lesser Slave Lake Métis District worked alongside Métis Local 90 to complete Traditional Use Studies (TUS) in our region. We’ve created maps, recorded and written stories, and put together pictures and interviews that document our people’s footprint on the land. These show where we hunt, fish, and gather both now and in the past, as well as where we’ve lived and practiced cultural activities.