Our commitment to protecting the environment and addressing climate change is essential as a nation. This requires positive action to reduce demand for natural resources, ensuring those that use our land are doing so in sustainable ways. We also provide support for those who are affected by climate change fuelled disasters such as wildfires.

In 2019, we completed energy efficiency upgrades to our Lesser Slave Lake Métis District office. This included the installation of an 11.1 kW solar panel system that saves over 3,000 kg of C02 emissions per year while reducing electricity costs. When we don’t need all the electricity that’s generated by the panels, it’s sold back to the grid.

We also work to hold companies accountable for their impact on our land. When there was an oil spill at House Mountain in July 2019, we sent an environmental team member and an elder to the site to view the area in person. After cleanup, we followed up to make sure the company acted with our standards for cleanup.

We continue to monitor our land and those who use it, so our valuable resources are protected both for our use now and for future generations.

Jordan York
Environmental Manager (Provincial)